June 08, 2020

My Experience Managing Billions of Dollars in Transactions Every Day

Today, I am writing my first blog post. As a writer, I have a lot of stories to tell and some of them are true events in my life. I will share them with you here in this blog.

I have had a lot of stressful moments in my life. Today, I will talk about one of the hardest jobs I have ever had: Working as a Team Lead at Money Market in 2012.

Working as a Team Lead at Money Market in Montreal for one of the major Canadian banks was probably my most stressful job. To give you an idea of what that entails, Money Market can be described as contributing to the economic stability and development of a country by proving short-term liquidity to governments, commercial banks, and other large organizations. Also, investors with excess money often invest their money in the Money Market to earn interest.

To further put this into perspective, let me quote one of the messages my team received from management:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize you for the way you handled yourselves in the face of adversity this past Monday. When $1 Billion worth of CD transactions were modified minutes before cut off, you showed determination and commitment to the customer by finding a way to get things done outside of the usual workflow, on top of an already high-volume day. You worked collaboratively, delivering results, making things happen, and leading us higher, and we sincerely appreciated that fact. Bravo on a job well done.”

While that feedback was appreciated, I am sure that each of my team members was holding their breath until all of the transactions were put through successfully that day.