June 10, 2022

“What’s the harm in a walk?”

An excerpt from “Trouble and Strife,” by Johanne Levesque

Warren arrives and is greeted by the children, “Uncle Warren!”

Alvin brings him a bottle of beer.

“Where’s my best friend?” he asks.

“He’s sleeping.  He has a cold and it has tired him right out,” I reply while I put the finishing touches on the kitchen table.

Warren sits at the table and shares a meal with us.

When the dinner is done, I tidy up while the children play musical chairs with Warren.

As soon as I sit down, Warren tells me, “It’s such a beautiful summer’s evening, so let’s not waste it.  Let’s go for a walk together.”

When he sees me hesitate, he says, “Gloria is old enough to take care of the children.”

Gloria looks in the direction of the bedroom.

“And Eugene.  Right Gloria?  You can take care of your dad too?”

“Sure, Uncle Warren.  Go on Mother.  Dad will be just fine.”

Warren pouts, “Come on Josephine.  Don’t make me go alone.”

“Why not?” I say.  What’s the harm in a walk?  I need adult companionship.  I forget all my troubles when I’m with him.

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