November 13, 2020

My Experience Volunteering for the Rape Crisis Line

When I was in my 30s, I decided to volunteer for the Rape Crisis Line.  The Rape Crisis Line provides a safe place for women to talk about past or ongoing abuse that is free and confidential, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

After receiving over 30 hours of crisis line training, I was given the night shift.  I answered the phone and talked to women who had been raped, victims of unwanted touching, incest survivors, and survivors of childhood and adult sexual assault.


In many of the calls that I received, I found that the perpetrators were family members or neighbours; oftentimes, victims were harmed by the same people who were supposed to love and protect them.  It was a very saddening thing to discover.


Other times, I would meet a survivor at the hospital.  I had received extensive training and would be there to help and advocate for them.


I remember one time in particular when I was called to help a survivor at the hospital.  While there, part of my job was to ask questions that would help give a woman back her power.


I asked, “Do you want me in the room?”


She said, “Yes.”


“Do you want me to call any friend or relatives?”




“Do you want all three police officers in the room or just one?”