May 13, 2022

“Nothing’s wrong with a hug, is there?”

 An excerpt from “Trouble and Strife,” by Johanne Levesque

Warren sits at the kitchen table with me and we go over the books.  When he starts talking about taxation, Warren can see by the blank look on my face that I’m puzzled.

“It’s OK; we can go over this another time.  After a while this will become old hand to you.”

He puts his hand on mine.  The electric shock I receive from his touch makes me pull my hand away quickly.  I look down, afraid to look into his beautiful blue eyes.  I’m in love with you, I think, but I’ll never tell.

Warren gets up and walks to the coat rack.  He picks up his hat, hugs me goodbye and says, “Take care of yourself, love.”

I close the door and lean on it.  My heart is beating very fast.

Nothing’s wrong with a hug, is there?  Surely it was a friendly hug, meant to give me courage.

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