October 16, 2022

"And when I wake, I realize that I had made a terrible mistake"

An excerpt from “Trouble and Strife,” by Johanne Levesque

Soon, Warren says his goodbyes and promises to come again next month.

After he is gone and the dinner dishes are done, I occupy myself by making porridge for breakfast tomorrow morning.  As I stir the porridge with a long heavy spoon in a black iron kettle, I think of Warren.  I hate myself for the pleasure I get out of my revolving memories of our brief times together.  My heart is in torment as the porridge boils and I stir it for an hour or so.  Why didn’t I just stay away from him?  In my dreams, he takes me in his arms, and when I wake, I realize that I had made a terrible mistake.  I leave the porridge to stand on the back of the stove overnight and join Eugene in bed.

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