January 08, 2022

“As we walk back to the bus stop, a black cat crosses our path...”

 An excerpt from “Trouble and Strife,” by Johanne Levesque

Every year, we go to the Sunnyside Amusement Park.  This year, I thought we would not be able to afford it but Eugene said it would be fine.  I’m glad to see the children so excited.  It is a gorgeous spring day with temperatures in the 70s.  The children will have a lovely time.

Evelyn loves the giant rollercoaster, and she would be on it all day long if it was up to her, so she’s lucky her big sister Gloria doesn’t mind going along with her.  Gloria is so patient with Evelyn.  I don’t know how she does it.  Evelyn will no doubt talk non-stop the whole time they are up in the rollercoaster.

Alvin likes the carousel.  He insists I ride with him over and over, but all I get out of it is dizziness with a queasy stomach.  Melvin loves the games and wins a stuffed animal for both Alvin and Evelyn every year.

“I don’t want a pig.  I want a dog,” whines Evelyn as she pulls the dog out of Alvin’s arms.

Alvin takes the pig with no protest.

It’s good to have the family together like this.  It doesn’t happen very often.  Melvin and Gloria are working and going out with their friends a lot these days and Eugene never stops working, as usual.  His face shows signs of constant worry.  He has more vacant apartments now than he ever had.  I hope that things will get better soon.

It’s getting cooler, so we decide it’s time to go home.  We used to have a motorcar, but Eugene sold it after Christmas.  He says he has to reduce his expenses.  We took the bus to get here today.  As we walk back to the bus stop, a black cat crosses our path.

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