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In the Pink: A World War II Story

World War II is retold through letters to Josephine, the mother of a pilot, a gunner, a nurse, and a violinist in Europe during the war.  What horrible experiences will her grown children go through? And will they come home safe and sound from this terrible war?

This book puts the ordinary soldier at center stage by bringing together letters from the front.  Josephine will feel the pain of saying goodbye to her grown children. She will feel the uncertainty of her children sailing off to foreign shores and the terror of fighting bloody battles. It is a story of the angst of a mother receiving letters from the front and hoping for her grown children to come home safe and sound.

This is the sequel to Johanne Levesque’s first novel, "Trouble and Strife," and follows the same family during the Second World War.

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Trouble and Strife

Sometimes the smallest voices make the deepest impact. Josephine Hadley, a 1930s Canadian housewife, fills her days looking after her children, her indifferent husband and a stream of Depression-era visitors. Her contribution to her guests is a bowl of stew and an open heart. Her small world, however, is soon shattered by a tragic event which forces her to become the breadwinner. Can she run a business without sacrificing herself? And is it possible to act on a long-buried desire without remorse?

Johanne Levesque’s first novel, "Trouble and Strife," is a poignant and heartbreaking look at a woman’s life in a fast-changing time. With intimate details and a deft poetic touch, Levesque has captured the spirit of an age where war and economic hardship altered the workplace, home and women’s lives forever.

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My next book will be a prequel to "Trouble and Strife," during World War One.